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Comments (5)

CooL Man ! :)

I see so we are going Hardcore animating? damn respect!

Hold it unpaid? i thought that you had a partnership (well a YouTube partnership) with "ChannelFrederator", i was sure that they sponsored you, like Machinima sponsors its animators on HappyHour, or NG supports the "Drawing with Jazza" (even if it was just at launch, but is something, or is still doing it? i have no idea anymore).

Man Some Brain cells in exchange of these dope cartoons? that's nothing!
"Mom i have something to tell you...
i will drop out of university... yeah, yes, yes it is cartoons... i just can't quit them!"

Haha of course i'm joking, even if your cartoons are quite hallucinogenic, they're hardly dumb, or at least the ones that i can recall...

Doomroar, you're one of my favorite viewers man. People like you are the reason I keep going.

Yes it is unpaid. I do have a partnership with Frederator on youtube (I get 70%) but you know how shitty youtube pays. Maybe it's just cos I don't have a big fan base as of yet and no, I don't get sponsored, it was in the networks to do list to put in the frederator's network logo after my cartoons as part of the partnership program. They're very helpful people by the way, I'm happy that I'm in their network.

So here I am, 26, no real job, not living with my parents anymore, hardcore animation, full-time, 6-12 hours every day, weekends too and unpaid. Damn I don't even know how I handle my social life, wait a minute. I don't! Haha (partially kidding) Thank god for great friends that come visit me sometimes.

I really don't know what I'm thinking. I just dove into it and see what happens. A cartoon weekly can be intense, but it's what I chose to do. Hard times can really push you to do something nuts. :D

Anyway, hopefully one day I will be making enough to live comfortably so I can keep making more cartoons without struggling to survive.

Thank you Doomroar and everyone who supports, you guys make my day and keep giving me the fuel to stay on the cartoony road! :)

Maybe with time you'll start getting paid for this too, I just read Jazza's ten year anniversary post. He started out just making brutal stickmation and moved onwards towards a full-time freelance animating profession. Inspiring post!

Looking forward to these toons too btw.

Thanks CD :) I do some freelance now and then. Thing is I just stepped out of my local scene in animation. I went viral in my country, but it's small, (400,000 people) and that made me get some freelance work now and then but animation is really underrated where I live, you can't make a future out of it here. So this year i opened the new channel to expand to a you guys, a foreign audience. It also helped me expand my creative freedom and not get stuck in satirical bullshit all the time and local stuff. This gave me the opportunity to connect on a higher level of creativity, which I'm really happy with.

Stay tuned buddy and thanks for following :)

Interesting you know, it reminds me of (i hate to say this comparison) Pewdiepie, i will explain, he too went viral on his country, then he moves to England, which allowed him to appear on the UK local feed of YouTube, he conserves his local audience, and is still appearing in the worldwide feed, then he grows there, and lastly moves to the US, once there he has the public of 2 countries already, but now is also appearing in the local feed of the US, and pow he rises to number 1, the other factor is the nature of lets-plays, which allow for long videos which incites You Tube to promote him, the rest is to the drone fans which give him free advertisement in other parts.

So back to animation, is clear that the most important thing here would be to find a way to attract attention to these Fridays cartoons, since NG has the daily features we can expect a constant viewership here, the problem is to attract public from other parts... have you asked if the guys at Frederatorerator could help you with that? and make it look like some kind of event?

The other thing is that people get attached and closer to series, like the madness series, or neurotically yours. And that would be perfect because i am sure that there is not a current series with your style going on in these moments, the closest would be Uncle Grandpa, but that is on CartoonNetwork, which means that the internet has that hole to be filled, and damn you seem more than capable to do it!

You're on point man. I will definitly talk to Frederator about it. Although they focus more on series as you mentioned in this post, when it comes to advertising you in their channel. I'm still finding my right characters for a mini web series, I really enjoy putting variety in my cartoons and not stick to one constant world, but it's just the way it is.. I could keep making my shorts and have a series going on at the same time. The question is who will it be? I guess that will come too.

You could make a series made purely of shorts, not really with the same characters, or even the same place, but with a theme underlying it all.