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Posted by MisterHerbal - October 25th, 2015


How's my favorite community doing? 

I felt like making a post, updating what's going on and what has went on the past year.

After all one of the uses of these communities is to express myself and also use it as a personal diary where I can look back and see the changes I went through.


                                                                               THE PAST 

Damn, These past two years where one hell of a ride. My father who is my best friend went to Jail. This devastaed me and my family. Leaving behind a family of 5 to take care of themselves or shall I say  4? Since I moved out of my family's house a couple of years ago, still it wasn't easy. I had to be there for my mother and sisters while going to jail visits twice a week and taking clothes and food to him every day.

Huge fines where hitting my family while he was imprisoned, making shit heavier for my mother to handle, she totally lost it. I can still hear the screams of her and my sisters when we go the news, man I'm getting chills. All of this and I still tried to keep doing what I love, Animation. 
Which is also my bread and butter. 
Needless to say, I wasn't doing good with that either, I wasn't getting any commisions or freelance work nor I was getting any major views.
 Lighten up! My father got out of jail, he's still on probational parole so anything illegal and and he'll go back to the cell. Also if you're wondering he's no murderer, he was convicted of electrical hacking. 

 I also received some major projects to work on which sorted me out for a while. 
 I was working with this company in LA where we worked on a series pitch. I was the animator and created a 6-7 minute mini-pilot episode that's being pitched around. It  was like a 4 month working period where I designed characters, concepts and animated the mini-pilot. I learnt so much in those days and it helped pay the bills, hence why I stopped being active online. 

I also had the opportunity to do a commisioned animation for PewdiePie, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRWy0FjfKRA which got me a little more following and exposure. I really needed that man. I really work hard for what I do and sacrifice a lot. 
I feel bad for my girlfriend and my very few friends, I wish I could give them more time but this is the only way for me to be a better person, friend, lover and if I ever make it big I will make these people's lives a better one and help growing artists in every way I can. 

With that said, the pattern of the past led me to  :

                                                                           THE PRESENT

Sitting here, smoking, writing this post while my woman is upset downstairs cos she wants to binge watch on Da Vinci's Demons with me but her friend is coming over and she just wants to 'Netflix and chill'' ? minus the Netflix.

Just finished my latest Halloween Sketch, it's frontpaged ''SpectraI Conflict'' Loved the response it got. I'm also planning on my next sketch and I think I'm going for another episode of my ''Biggest Fan'' mini-series, damn those get popular for sure. I'm not much of a parody guy but I found my way to work around parodies and be real to myself. ''Biggest Fan'' gives me the opportunity to not make a lame ass recycled parody like the 100000000000's you find on the internet, which I might have fell victim of  in Mario's BIggest fan but this is different. It follows the fanatics, and how  being a fanatic can take you to extremes. I feel like it's more of it being a parody about Fanaticism rather than the super heroes/fiction characters.

I'm also slowly  going broke again but hey, I still have something to eat for the week and a place to sleep, that's luxury compared to other situations you can end up in life.
I'm also embracing all the support and getting to know new people and artists I've been encountering lately. You guys seriously lift my spirits and I thank technology for connecting us together, I've got to know some amazing people that I'm down to visit someday.

So yeah, keep the love going (and the criticism). This is a learning experience and one should always seek to grow. Each day  is a new opportunity to expand the pattern of life which will lead us to :


                                                                            THE FUTURE

Dude, what the fuck do I know about the future?
Infinite Possibilities. That's whatsup. I'm sounding like a hippie, in reality I may come across as a pessimist but I say I'm a realist.  Neutral. Life taught me to be ready for anything. It's the biggest ride you'll ever get.
I don't know what will happen with me in the future, possibilities are endless from becoming something to becoming homeless but let's talk about the artistic future I would love to have and plans that might happen.
- I might become a Lead animator for a series, the same series I did the pitch for. I would be leading 3 teams that would be working on seperate episodes. Now there is a long way to go and this isn't even for sure but the Directors told me if I'm interested if the show sells. Youtube Premium service was already interested for 11 episodes 12 minutes each. I dont know, it's exciting and I would be paid highly but I've been a one man show for over a decade and working in a team, no, LEADING 3 teams makes me anxious. 
I'm a very moody guy so I'll see how I feel about it when the time comes.


- Keep doing freelance work to survive and keep doing my thing like I already am, possibly getting major  projects that set me good for a while.                       


 - I think my ideal full-time job would be to be an Online Animator, having 100% creative freedom in my hands and making a living at the same time. I already do this for free, you say. Well I'll keep doing it as long as I can because it is my therapy, it is my role and it is what I love doing. Money is only needed to make things more comfortable for me to work on my online animations full time. I would make it a way that I'd be pumping an episode per week.
Some people are making it with Patreon, It didn't work for me yet.
 I think part of this is because people never saw my face nor did I ever talk to the camera but this is one  of the biggest challenges for me. My language is far from english, my accent is funny and I just don't feel like I'm myself on camera.  I'm a man doing the work behind the curtains.
STILL, I will make an animation of myself talking to the viewers when it's the right time. I feel like this creates a sense of trust and credibility with the viewers and the creator. 

Wow, I've been yapping and yapping and probably nobody's got the time to read all this shit but writing helps. 
If you made it this far, congratulations. You're a reader.

Thanks for your time, it's the best thing you can give to someone else.


Danny Lesco aka MisterHerbal


Posted by MisterHerbal - January 16th, 2015

Whaaaaaat? A banner on the frontpage promoting me. What can I say? I'm speechless. Thanks Tom. I truly appreciate this.

I'll be back with more cartoons very soon. (matter of days) That's the only way I can contribute as a thank you and also will do my best to get more traffic from youchoob to NG cos there is no place like Newgrounds when it comes to animation. 

Thanks for all the support you guys have given me over here. It's like a cyber family and online diary for me. The people here aren't just an audience. I've made friends over here and their opinions matter to me.

Keep up the great work Tom. Newgrounds is still growing strong. I hope I can keep contributing to this great platform for as long as I can.

Stay tuned for more cartoons. I've been experimenting with new stuff latley, and challenging my own limits when it comes to animation.

- Danny Lesco aka MisterHerbal

Posted by MisterHerbal - May 21st, 2014

So. Whatsup motherhuggers?

Last time you heard of me, was when I told you I'm quitting making cartoons for your sweet fucking ass and I did, and I miss that shit, but life has no pity and weakness is a choice, you're weak, you're out, it's war out there baby, and you better get your balls laminated in a metal coating. 

Enough bullshit. I haven't found a full-time normal job yet, who wants me to be responsable for their 9 to 5 job anyway? 

SO I started working on a Game instead. Thanks to my friend ArcadeHero who introduced me to Dim Light, I'm working on my first game ever. 

It's based off my Zuzu the Elf Cartoon. and here is a Screenshot. 


This is a basic ass screenshot, Game is still in progress, we've been working on it for a month. 

It's a runner game, Zuzu is on a quest to find this magical box of mysteries that's been hidden centruries ago by elves. Little does Zuzu know he has to jump several timelines and dimensions before he gets to this box, chased by monsters and inevitable consequences that his world brings with behind.

It's gonna be good, you better be excited for it :)

Spiolers : Lots of fun acrobatic moves, real time action and KICK ASS BONUS LEVELS + Upgrades. 

Concept : MisterHerbal
Art/Animation : MisterHerbal
Programming : Dim Light
Gameplay Direciton : Dim Light
Creative Assistance : Phaerie Whylde
Storyline Concept : MisterHerbal & Phaerie Whylde
Pixel Bonus Levels : Arcade Hero
Acrobatic Coreographic Assistance : ArcadeHero


So yea that's that and now I gotta go visit my pops in jail. Thought i'd drop some news on you like pigeon shit in the city. 

Stay Tuned motherhuggers.


Posted by MisterHerbal - February 14th, 2014

Guys, I know I had to upload a cartoon today, but life has been a total bitch this week, and I lost one of the most important people in my life. So my apologies for the lack of content this Friday, but you just can't animate with panic attacks.  I will make it up to you with a bang.  -Out

Posted by MisterHerbal - January 31st, 2014

Hello there, ladies, gentlemen, addicts, humans, aliens, motherhuggers and spacemonkeys. I have an announcement to make, and it will probably only interest my small army of motherhuggers that follow my weekly cartoons. I'm not going to be uploading every Friday anymore. I think I came to terms with me being almost human, it took a lot of time to digest and understand the vulnerable nature of what and who I am, but it had to come. 

Cartoons every OTHER Friday is my new goal now. Reasons are simple : a) Quality over Quantity, I started finding myself being hyper-productive, sometimes rushing my shit to get it finished by a Friday, when I could have spent more time on it making something, a masterpiece (or not) but you catch my drift don't you? Go catch me a butterfly then.  b) I'm starting on a web series, yes, you heard that. It's Harry. I have no idea how many episodes will be there, could be 5 or 500. It depends where old Harry takes me, and how far will we go together in the void, if we ever come back. That shit takes time, so cartoons every other Friday is only fair on my socially doomed existence.  Also, I made a Patreon guys, so if you want to support my consistency to entertain you : http://www.patreon.com/HerbalToons  If you're too broke to support, I still heart you, I'll keep doing this even if I'll be homeless, I will steal laptops from shops and beat up an innocent animator just so I can steal his tablet and keep making my duty on this earth.   See you on the 7th of February, it will be a special Friday. Make sure to clean your eyes well because you will see a difference from my usual stuff.. I'm taking this opportunity to hopefully bring my material to a new level. 2195660_139117141691_Harry2ng.png That's it. Much cartoony love coming the direction of your ass so you better watch out. G'Bye Motherhuggers. Stay true to the spacemonkey that resides in you. 

Posted by MisterHerbal - January 4th, 2014


Brian Small is a 4 minute and a half cartoon about a tiny folk that gets a life sentence in pirson. Stay tuned for next Friday to witness the magical experience our short friend is about to encounter.

created & animated by Danny Lesco.... So Yeah, stay tuned guys, shouldn't be a waste of 4 minutes in your life!

Posted by MisterHerbal - November 1st, 2013

So Hello boys and girls, freaks and geeks, normal and abnormal, high and sober, sad or happy folks.

First of all I'd like to thank everyone that made my latest submission ''The Imaginary Friend'' a daily Feature. You guys made me a very happy halloween.

Now back to the topic. I'm going to release Cartoons every Friday. I actually already started 2 weeks ago. I'm doing this full-time, unpaid. Don't ask me how I do it, I just dove into it and I'm doing it. I have several sketches already done in advance, so I can have more time to catch up with weekly cartoons. It's not easy, I don't live with my parents anymore but it's what I've been doing all my life and all I can really do and I do it from morning to night.

Your support means a lot to me. A simple subscribe on my Youtube channel makes my day and hopefully an income to survive in the future. I fill your eyeballs with entertainment weekly, I mean you ain't got anything to lose except a few braincells.

So stay tuned fore a toon next Friday. Follow me on Newgrounds & Youtube and I'll follow you into your mind and haunt you till the rest of your day.

HerbalToons Official Channel
HerbalToons FB page
HerbalToons Tumblr
Twitter (Don't even bother)

...and let's not forget about the man who makes this amazing platform we call newgrounds possible for us. Thank you Tomfulp!


Danny Lesco aka MisterHerbal


Posted by MisterHerbal - August 14th, 2013

Hey NG'ers hope you're all doin great unlike my day so far. :)

Anyway, I just made a tumblr account and I'm so new to it It still looks like a bit amateur. All I'm asking is if any of you guys got a tumblr account you can follow me and my animations/illustrations on

MisterHerbal Tumblr

I'd like to do the same with other NG'ers that have tumblr accounts and follow their work, so I can get it going and make it interactive, you know, getting it started.

Feel free to click the link above and show some love. Don't forget to subscribe to HerbalToons Official Channel if you like my cartoons and haven't done so yet. :)

Thanks for those who support. Keep the motivation going.

Posted by MisterHerbal - April 17th, 2013

Hey Guys, hope you're doing great.

I'm not new to Newgrounds yet I'm only going deeper into it as of now... Just wanted to share my official youtube channel with you and would be great if you support and subscribe. Only if you enjoy watching my cartoons though :)

The channel is new, so I'm still building up an audience. I have a local channel with 5 million + views already, but want to step it further with non-lingual sketches and start a new fanbase aimed for a foreign audience, since my national language is far from english.

HerbalToons Official Channel

Thanks :D