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Announcement, Changes, to whoever it may concern..

Posted by MisterHerbal - January 31st, 2014

Hello there, ladies, gentlemen, addicts, humans, aliens, motherhuggers and spacemonkeys. I have an announcement to make, and it will probably only interest my small army of motherhuggers that follow my weekly cartoons. I'm not going to be uploading every Friday anymore. I think I came to terms with me being almost human, it took a lot of time to digest and understand the vulnerable nature of what and who I am, but it had to come. 

Cartoons every OTHER Friday is my new goal now. Reasons are simple : a) Quality over Quantity, I started finding myself being hyper-productive, sometimes rushing my shit to get it finished by a Friday, when I could have spent more time on it making something, a masterpiece (or not) but you catch my drift don't you? Go catch me a butterfly then.  b) I'm starting on a web series, yes, you heard that. It's Harry. I have no idea how many episodes will be there, could be 5 or 500. It depends where old Harry takes me, and how far will we go together in the void, if we ever come back. That shit takes time, so cartoons every other Friday is only fair on my socially doomed existence.  Also, I made a Patreon guys, so if you want to support my consistency to entertain you : http://www.patreon.com/HerbalToons  If you're too broke to support, I still heart you, I'll keep doing this even if I'll be homeless, I will steal laptops from shops and beat up an innocent animator just so I can steal his tablet and keep making my duty on this earth.   See you on the 7th of February, it will be a special Friday. Make sure to clean your eyes well because you will see a difference from my usual stuff.. I'm taking this opportunity to hopefully bring my material to a new level. 2195660_139117141691_Harry2ng.png That's it. Much cartoony love coming the direction of your ass so you better watch out. G'Bye Motherhuggers. Stay true to the spacemonkey that resides in you. 

Comments (1)

Oh that preview image looks great! so we are getting a series? nice!
Man does it suck to be broke, but don't worry in a a few years i will graduate get a job and... mmh how much do psychologist researchers make? damn first time i question this what have i been doing with my life?

haha thanks brother! Well, you can expect episode 2 for sure. cos I'm workin on it! :)