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NO Content Friday.

Posted by MisterHerbal - February 14th, 2014

Guys, I know I had to upload a cartoon today, but life has been a total bitch this week, and I lost one of the most important people in my life. So my apologies for the lack of content this Friday, but you just can't animate with panic attacks.  I will make it up to you with a bang.  -Out

Comments (5)

Oh man i wish you can recover for such a saddening event, also you already told us that they will come every-other Friday, so there is no real reason to apologize, my condolences man.

Thanks bro. I appreciate your thoughts. It's not death though it feels like it. My best friend, motivator and right leg who happens to be my dad just went to jail. It's gonna be tough as a motherhugger but I'm already doing my best to get back on track and start uploading again, which is soon. Maybe sooner than you think man. I'm doing it for him. Stay tuned brother.

Sure i will stay tuned even if it kills me!

That is very sad that you lost someone. I will waiting for your recover.

Sorry man, I guess I can't say much that's going to sound nice that wouldn't be a lie, because I don't know you. But what I can say is that I really love your work. I have developed somewhat of a fixation on that Harry series, I will admit, and I can't wait for the next. Of all the series I follow, it's the one that I am looking forward to seeing more of the most.

Thanks man, you're one of the few that is following Harry hehe. It's quite designed for a special kind of watchers and don't get me wrong with that. :) Harry will eventually come back to continue his journey into the unknown and show us more glimpses of his mad existence in this surreal universe.

Stay tuned buddy.

I'm glad you have the love and support of your father, I hope you and your family can find a way to get through this okay. I'm still dealing with my Pop's death, as we weren't always on the best of terms, I finally had a good cry for him on the way to Pico Day, the first time I left my State, since they both passed... like wounded critters, we eventually recover, limp around until we get closer to normal again.

It's hard for me to understand what you must be facing, and what will happen next. Seeing my parents in the hospital dying for months on end... idk. You have to stay firm, fight for what you know is right, even though no one else will help bring about a positive outcome... Shit, this sucks |:

You do have shared memories, good ones. Those moments of love are the only way to keep the darkness away. From the last MASH episode (approximately): 'If you're in love, you got nothing but trouble. If you keep loving them, you'll just get into more trouble. You can either stop loving them, or love them a whole lot more.' It sure beats nothing at all.

You seem like a nice guy, I hope I haven't been too forward.

Right on point you are, looks like you've walked the walk my man. Wish you the best from my side, we're all in the same boat rowing against the heavy currents of life.