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GAME IN PROGRESS... Announcement. Updates. Whatever the fuck man.

Posted by MisterHerbal - May 21st, 2014

So. Whatsup motherhuggers?

Last time you heard of me, was when I told you I'm quitting making cartoons for your sweet fucking ass and I did, and I miss that shit, but life has no pity and weakness is a choice, you're weak, you're out, it's war out there baby, and you better get your balls laminated in a metal coating. 

Enough bullshit. I haven't found a full-time normal job yet, who wants me to be responsable for their 9 to 5 job anyway? 

SO I started working on a Game instead. Thanks to my friend ArcadeHero who introduced me to Dim Light, I'm working on my first game ever. 

It's based off my Zuzu the Elf Cartoon. and here is a Screenshot. 


This is a basic ass screenshot, Game is still in progress, we've been working on it for a month. 

It's a runner game, Zuzu is on a quest to find this magical box of mysteries that's been hidden centruries ago by elves. Little does Zuzu know he has to jump several timelines and dimensions before he gets to this box, chased by monsters and inevitable consequences that his world brings with behind.

It's gonna be good, you better be excited for it :)

Spiolers : Lots of fun acrobatic moves, real time action and KICK ASS BONUS LEVELS + Upgrades. 

Concept : MisterHerbal
Art/Animation : MisterHerbal
Programming : Dim Light
Gameplay Direciton : Dim Light
Creative Assistance : Phaerie Whylde
Storyline Concept : MisterHerbal & Phaerie Whylde
Pixel Bonus Levels : Arcade Hero
Acrobatic Coreographic Assistance : ArcadeHero


So yea that's that and now I gotta go visit my pops in jail. Thought i'd drop some news on you like pigeon shit in the city. 

Stay Tuned motherhuggers.


Comments (9)

I'd like to state for the record that I highly enjoy penis.

I have something to add!
I think that It will be a fucking true kickass amazing game EVAR!!
I've saw their game. And it's not a usual simple stupid runner.
It will be the GAME. Game with giant balls like other stuff created by Danny :)
Can't wait for your game guys, you're awesome!

Thanks my man!

YEY! We will waiting for it!

Is great to hear news from you this early! and the game looks swell.

Boy do I miss making cartoons though? :) And my little fanbase of awesome watchers like you! Someday man.. Some day! Looking forward to see your feedback to this game bud!

Hey MisterHerbal awesome to see you are still putting your creative powers to work. I will look forward to playing this game. If you ever need a VA let me know. I would love to do some monster roar or weird squid farting sounds with my mouth lol. Will this be released on newgrounds?

Haha Thanks man :) You'll be on my mind in that sector! Yes it will be released on Newgrounds as well. Stay tuned my friend.

And i will be looking forward to play the game! the keys on the upper right corner make me wonder what they could be used for.

So how's this game going?

Not as good as I thought cd, the game turned out too big to be a web game so we had to tear down almost 50% of the game :( A shorter version will be uploaded to NG soon enough

Ah, shame... though course it's good news that it'll be available here! When you say 'shorter version' it sounds almost like there might be a longer version too...? Anything sellable?

Yes we're trying to get a sponsor for it. By shorter version I mean the final version of the game where we chopped off a lot of it. Game came over 30mb

Are you thinking 30MB is too big because 20 is the file limit or because you deem it'd take too long to load online? Too hard to work with? I know Tom's made exceptions for huuuge submissions in the past, so if you want to submit something larger you can always send a PM and ask for permission. Another option would be uploading the flash with an index.html file in a zip, that way the 80MB limit would apply instead. :) Though, they might have added some form of file scanning/control since I last tried, IDK.

Anyway, good luck with the sponsorship and all! Looking forward to it!

Thanks for the tips cd! I will definitely take it in consideration. I was worried both about the Limit and the loading/performance. We'll see how it goes. Cheers for enlightening me.