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HerbalToons Official Channel

2013-04-17 16:57:11 by MisterHerbal

Hey Guys, hope you're doing great.

I'm not new to Newgrounds yet I'm only going deeper into it as of now... Just wanted to share my official youtube channel with you and would be great if you support and subscribe. Only if you enjoy watching my cartoons though :)

The channel is new, so I'm still building up an audience. I have a local channel with 5 million + views already, but want to step it further with non-lingual sketches and start a new fanbase aimed for a foreign audience, since my national language is far from english.

HerbalToons Official Channel

Thanks :D



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2013-04-17 19:31:59

I subscribed on your channel :)
Great stuff!


2013-04-17 21:39:33



2013-04-18 05:04:29

Thanks Guys, I appreciate it :)