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Past, Present, Future + Updates

Posted by MisterHerbal - October 25th, 2015


How's my favorite community doing? 

I felt like making a post, updating what's going on and what has went on the past year.

After all one of the uses of these communities is to express myself and also use it as a personal diary where I can look back and see the changes I went through.


                                                                               THE PAST 

Damn, These past two years where one hell of a ride. My father who is my best friend went to Jail. This devastaed me and my family. Leaving behind a family of 5 to take care of themselves or shall I say  4? Since I moved out of my family's house a couple of years ago, still it wasn't easy. I had to be there for my mother and sisters while going to jail visits twice a week and taking clothes and food to him every day.

Huge fines where hitting my family while he was imprisoned, making shit heavier for my mother to handle, she totally lost it. I can still hear the screams of her and my sisters when we go the news, man I'm getting chills. All of this and I still tried to keep doing what I love, Animation. 
Which is also my bread and butter. 
Needless to say, I wasn't doing good with that either, I wasn't getting any commisions or freelance work nor I was getting any major views.
 Lighten up! My father got out of jail, he's still on probational parole so anything illegal and and he'll go back to the cell. Also if you're wondering he's no murderer, he was convicted of electrical hacking. 

 I also received some major projects to work on which sorted me out for a while. 
 I was working with this company in LA where we worked on a series pitch. I was the animator and created a 6-7 minute mini-pilot episode that's being pitched around. It  was like a 4 month working period where I designed characters, concepts and animated the mini-pilot. I learnt so much in those days and it helped pay the bills, hence why I stopped being active online. 

I also had the opportunity to do a commisioned animation for PewdiePie, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRWy0FjfKRA which got me a little more following and exposure. I really needed that man. I really work hard for what I do and sacrifice a lot. 
I feel bad for my girlfriend and my very few friends, I wish I could give them more time but this is the only way for me to be a better person, friend, lover and if I ever make it big I will make these people's lives a better one and help growing artists in every way I can. 

With that said, the pattern of the past led me to  :

                                                                           THE PRESENT

Sitting here, smoking, writing this post while my woman is upset downstairs cos she wants to binge watch on Da Vinci's Demons with me but her friend is coming over and she just wants to 'Netflix and chill'' ? minus the Netflix.

Just finished my latest Halloween Sketch, it's frontpaged ''SpectraI Conflict'' Loved the response it got. I'm also planning on my next sketch and I think I'm going for another episode of my ''Biggest Fan'' mini-series, damn those get popular for sure. I'm not much of a parody guy but I found my way to work around parodies and be real to myself. ''Biggest Fan'' gives me the opportunity to not make a lame ass recycled parody like the 100000000000's you find on the internet, which I might have fell victim of  in Mario's BIggest fan but this is different. It follows the fanatics, and how  being a fanatic can take you to extremes. I feel like it's more of it being a parody about Fanaticism rather than the super heroes/fiction characters.

I'm also slowly  going broke again but hey, I still have something to eat for the week and a place to sleep, that's luxury compared to other situations you can end up in life.
I'm also embracing all the support and getting to know new people and artists I've been encountering lately. You guys seriously lift my spirits and I thank technology for connecting us together, I've got to know some amazing people that I'm down to visit someday.

So yeah, keep the love going (and the criticism). This is a learning experience and one should always seek to grow. Each day  is a new opportunity to expand the pattern of life which will lead us to :


                                                                            THE FUTURE

Dude, what the fuck do I know about the future?
Infinite Possibilities. That's whatsup. I'm sounding like a hippie, in reality I may come across as a pessimist but I say I'm a realist.  Neutral. Life taught me to be ready for anything. It's the biggest ride you'll ever get.
I don't know what will happen with me in the future, possibilities are endless from becoming something to becoming homeless but let's talk about the artistic future I would love to have and plans that might happen.
- I might become a Lead animator for a series, the same series I did the pitch for. I would be leading 3 teams that would be working on seperate episodes. Now there is a long way to go and this isn't even for sure but the Directors told me if I'm interested if the show sells. Youtube Premium service was already interested for 11 episodes 12 minutes each. I dont know, it's exciting and I would be paid highly but I've been a one man show for over a decade and working in a team, no, LEADING 3 teams makes me anxious. 
I'm a very moody guy so I'll see how I feel about it when the time comes.


- Keep doing freelance work to survive and keep doing my thing like I already am, possibly getting major  projects that set me good for a while.                       


 - I think my ideal full-time job would be to be an Online Animator, having 100% creative freedom in my hands and making a living at the same time. I already do this for free, you say. Well I'll keep doing it as long as I can because it is my therapy, it is my role and it is what I love doing. Money is only needed to make things more comfortable for me to work on my online animations full time. I would make it a way that I'd be pumping an episode per week.
Some people are making it with Patreon, It didn't work for me yet.
 I think part of this is because people never saw my face nor did I ever talk to the camera but this is one  of the biggest challenges for me. My language is far from english, my accent is funny and I just don't feel like I'm myself on camera.  I'm a man doing the work behind the curtains.
STILL, I will make an animation of myself talking to the viewers when it's the right time. I feel like this creates a sense of trust and credibility with the viewers and the creator. 

Wow, I've been yapping and yapping and probably nobody's got the time to read all this shit but writing helps. 
If you made it this far, congratulations. You're a reader.

Thanks for your time, it's the best thing you can give to someone else.


Danny Lesco aka MisterHerbal


Comments (7)

That's pretty deep...

Every time I watch your stuff, I wonder how much extra help you get in for each animation. They're always so well produced, this past couple of years you've come on insanely. You're one of a handful of animators at the moment who baffle me - like how do you do what you're doing without help from sound designers etc?

Also, this has been bugging me for a while... Where DO you hail from? I mean some people put that info in their profiles, some people you can kind of guess at by their language (spelling, phrases they use, etc)... but I get no clues from you whatsoever, haha.

Cheers man

The only help I get is from bouncing off ideas with my people close to me. The rest is all in my hands. I don't want to make that little help sound like it's nothing. It's what makes my cartoons man. I ALWAYS tell my idea to someone before I make it, so we can bounce it off and make the concept solid, so it is an essential part of the help I get.
I think it's possible to do it alone because I crafted a technique after over a decade of animation in which I can be consistent. Also, you can say I barely have a social life anymore to do what I do, some days I work 12 hours straight.

I am from a tiny fucked up sweet island called Malta, it's just below Italy, it's not even on all of the maps. My language is maltese and if you want to hear how it sounds type in ''Frans il-Hamallu''' on youtube. It's a very famous character driven 'series'' I did which made a huge hit on my island since it's tiny.

Anyway, thanks for your support man.

Damn Lesco, right in the feels. Your work is always the highlight of my NG feed. I am rooting for you, I'd hate for you to not thrive when your talent and style are so fucking good. It would be nice to see/hear you animate and work, but I get the anxiety of the whole thing living with a sever case of agoraphobia and social anxiety myself. Im pulling for you!

The curse of the creative among us is almost always some level of isolation, self doubt and self esteem issues. I wish I had a nickle for every time I rewrote my short stories and commissioned writings. The pile of cash would be better than the finished products. Life is a bitch, but we all got a ticket to the park. Doing what makes you feel good, showing off your soul via a creative aspect makes up for some of the negatives.

I's sorry you're struggling with the social life side of things. If you ever want to chat with some freelance writer from New England drop me a line.

I will continue to wait for your next project to be posted, and if I have the chance will donate some to keep you and yours afloat. Just know that through your art and humor, you bring a brightness into people's lives that you never anticipated.

Keep on trucking my friend, give your loved ones my best and keep smoking.

*Packs a bowl in your honor* Awguri min qiegħ qalbi, Saħħa!

Thanks buddy! Hit that bowl for me cos I'm on the dry side of the pipe. ;)

Was just going to suggest Patreon, but sounds like you have/have had one already? No link in the sidebar though? Might be hard for people to chip in when there are no visible alternatives. ;) As for working in the shadows, and not having a face to face with viewers, I don't think I've ever seen a photo of say Krinkels or Legendary Frog either... and despite that, they've made pretty good names for themselves! Maybe it mostly comes down to luck, but maybe also a little marketing? You seem to have developed a style of your own though, to the point where it files like the cartoons ARE your personality... somehow. That Herbal Toons logotype is easy to recognize too, and synonymous with a name, I feel just the logotype carries with it a sense of creativity and passion for the arts! Or maybe those impressions are all from reading these blogs haha. That author animation seems like a fun idea!

Good to hear things are working out, or... that it was until I reached that 'going broke again part... ah well, hope for the best; good luck with that episodic project, if you do become team leader or otherwise! They say that doing things you don't want to do just makes you stronger, though, I assume that applies to doing things you wants to do but for other reason are hesitant to.

Haha yeah, I am a reader! Thanks for making great stuff man! Somehow I assumed you were from the US, or the UK (from the frequent use of Cheers maybe), but Malta, woah! From the pictures I've seen it seems like a dreamy place to live, warm weather, water, beaches... do you happen to live near the coast? Wish I lived in a place where the sun shone all year round, I love Sweden overall, but winter gets pretty dark and depressing .

Helvette Malta!

Haha yeah cd it's like a 9 month summer here and the beaches/sea are mostly all around. I loved this island man but it's so tiny the governments are ruining it slowly slowly, everywhere is becoming concrete when this was a tiny paradise filled with greenery. Being so tiny makes some things worse.

Yes, sometimes it's luck, timing, exposure, cross-promotion and sometimes it's hard work and dedication. You're right about the logos too. Every little thing makes a difference.

I'm really not good at marketing though so that's a downside for me but it's never too late to learn new stuff and apply it in your work. (I will add the patreon to the side bar and also make an animated video promoting it too)

Thanks for everything cd, you're one of those guys I look forward to read their comments. You're a great part of this community so keep being you man.

Dude that show keeps sounding sweeter and sweeter the more i heard you talk about it, take it man, take it, the things you could do, of course managing 3 teams all of a sudden will be hard no doubt, but the things you could do, you should try and do some collabs in the meantime to get a hang on how to work with teams.

Wait so you are the one voicing Frans too?

Hey man, you're right. The things I would do man. The things I would do...

Collabing sounds like a great idea. I should try it. I only did it once in my life.

And yes, I voice 98% of the voices in Frans man, including Frans ofcourse. In my country, I'm also a voice actor. It comes easy with my own language. In english, jesus... You don't want to hear that. It's not as bad as I make it sound but it's bad enough to annoy me.

Of course you voice 98% of them, you talented bastard! that's incredible man.

Haha maybe you could use that in your favor to voice a character and give it a really crazy accent, like you try to add an accent on top of your accent while you speak English, i bet it would do for something interesting.

hahaha Yes!!! Now that's one plan right there. Cheers man! I'll be practicing on this one :D

So how did it turn out to be with that big job? It's such a dream.
I saw this and reminded me of you, MisterHerbal.

I refused it. Too much pressure and I got a lot of freelance work going on already. So I can't juggle more than I can handle! Gonna check the link you gave me :)

Hey, wonder how it's been going the latter half of this year? Haven't seen any new stuff in some time now!