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2013-08-14 12:54:19 by MisterHerbal

Hey NG'ers hope you're all doin great unlike my day so far. :)

Anyway, I just made a tumblr account and I'm so new to it It still looks like a bit amateur. All I'm asking is if any of you guys got a tumblr account you can follow me and my animations/illustrations on

MisterHerbal Tumblr

I'd like to do the same with other NG'ers that have tumblr accounts and follow their work, so I can get it going and make it interactive, you know, getting it started.

Feel free to click the link above and show some love. Don't forget to subscribe to HerbalToons Official Channel if you like my cartoons and haven't done so yet. :)

Thanks for those who support. Keep the motivation going.


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2013-08-15 05:13:44 436jKhVs.gif


2013-08-15 20:25:00

I followed you, want to follow me? I just made my tumblr too.
Still looking for the right look, you know what I mean? xD


2013-10-25 14:15:29