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Frontpage Banner

Posted by MisterHerbal - January 16th, 2015

Whaaaaaat? A banner on the frontpage promoting me. What can I say? I'm speechless. Thanks Tom. I truly appreciate this.

I'll be back with more cartoons very soon. (matter of days) That's the only way I can contribute as a thank you and also will do my best to get more traffic from youchoob to NG cos there is no place like Newgrounds when it comes to animation. 

Thanks for all the support you guys have given me over here. It's like a cyber family and online diary for me. The people here aren't just an audience. I've made friends over here and their opinions matter to me.

Keep up the great work Tom. Newgrounds is still growing strong. I hope I can keep contributing to this great platform for as long as I can.

Stay tuned for more cartoons. I've been experimenting with new stuff latley, and challenging my own limits when it comes to animation.

- Danny Lesco aka MisterHerbal

Comments (11)

I don't think I've ever reviewed any of your stuff, but love it.

Btw, I noticed in your other news post that you were trying to trim the fat off a game partly due to upload limits. If you need a higher limit, don't cut corners - contact one of us and we'll help you out. :)

Thanks a lot man! Will put it into consideration next time. :)

My congratulations to you! Newgrounds is abandoned place but in one day it will back in normal way. Admins do everything that they are can and as you can see there are some results.
As for me - NG is a heaven for animators all over the world. For example nowdays i know more than 20 artists from Commonwealth, over 10 from east Europe, 5-6 from China and more than 30 from west Europe and a lot of people from South and North America. All this people coexist in the peace. No stealing, no censorship, no guile.
I don't think that we can find another such place. Also, there are very responsive administration and that is good.

Well said and congrats

You deserve it bro :D
I'm so happy to see your banner on the frontpage man!

Newgrounds was the start of our friendship man!

Yep bro. I know it :)
And it's awesome my friend :)
One day we will meet in real life bro(maybe next year)!!

Hell to the yes man!

I'm proud of you, son!

Looking forward to a Herbal 2015! I know you won't let us down!


Thanks man! I'm releasing the first toon of 2015 in a matter of days. Fasten your mental seatbelt

NG is the place to be and features the best on the net.
Congrats and well pleased for you.


Whoa, where have I been?! You wouldn't happen to have a link to that banner, the first half of this year has been lost to me O_o Hope everything in the family's been going alright, looking forward to catching up on your work, yay!

Hey hey hey! Thanks for checking in. I don't have the link to that banner anymore. I've been super busy lately working on a pitch for a series with these guys in LA. Family is much better! Stay tuned for more animations once I get all this work done :)


Saw your Pewdiepie video. It's awesome! Great job dude ;)

Thanks man!

Ah, missed that banner entirely! A belated Congrats! Been wondering how efficient those front-page ads really are, any idea how many new fans it brought you?

No idea cd! I check my fan counter every now and then and I cannot tell you exactly how much it boosted the numbers but it helped for sure!