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If David firth gets all those views.

I think you should get the same, nothing against firth, i'm a fan of his, but this is as creepy. Plus you have frame by frame involved, which Firth lacks in his animation. My personal opinion tho. I really like this. You have some great animation skills, if you could put more effort and accuracy in the design, you'd deliver a neater product, but maybe the sketchy look is your style which mind you is great. Keep them coming.


this is great, some good fbf as well, you're a great animator, I loved the storyline aswell. Its sweet. The design is great.


Best Flash Animation for me, tihs takes the cake.. the design is excellent. Very good animator.

I think

You're a great animator. Nice frame by frame and use of colors. Everthing linked and i thought the patterns which formed other beings was pretty cool. Keep it up


You are a great inspiration. I loved this video. I'm a psytrance lover myself. It is clear you know experienced the psychedelic state and you know how to express it, The animation was flawless, and it wasn't just visual eye candy, but also symbolic and spiritual at the same time like the all seeing eye in the pyramid. The robot kind of represents the average human being that's a slave to the system to me.

Great Job man. You get my 10.

AKS9 responds:

Thank you a lot for this review, this is the kind of thing I was hoping someone would write
I do love psytrance. However I have not had any experience with psychedelics, although I have been deeply interested in them and read much about them. I do practice meditation regularly however and I think that gives me some insight into similar ideas and feelings, although I don't actually trip of course, a lot of my inspiration comes during meditation. The movie is full of symbology and the character undergoes a series of inner transformations that mirror a lot of the things that were going on in my life at the time. Almost every scene can be interpreted as part of this change, to an extent. To me, the robot represents myself, but your own interpretation is equally valid of course :)
I hope you found that interesting at least. I loved your review, thanks for leaving it :)


I agree with the people below. This is 5 seconds of freshness. you seem to know whatsup with adverts, short and direct yet amazing and eye-catching on a visual context. I like your style Mr.mars, you should make more animations. We need more Music and Toons from you sir.


very nice. full score on this

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